A little bit of Info about my history here in Muskoka!

My Life Since I Arrived in Muskoka!!

Welcome to my webpage! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share a bit about myself and my experience with you. With 23 years of dedicated service at Deerhurst, I've had the pleasure of working closely with guests and building lasting relationships. It's been an incredible journey, and I've gained invaluable insights into the hospitality industry.

Apart from my professional career, I've been fortunate to own two beautiful waterfront cottages. One was located on an island and the other on the mainland of Skeleton Lake in Huntsville. The serenity and natural beauty of these locations have truly captured my heart. I currently live year-round on Walker Lake, where I'm surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that inspire me every day.

I'm a true outdoor enthusiast, and you'll often find me indulging in activities that allow me to connect with nature. Downhill skiing is one of my passions, as it allows me to experience the thrill of gliding through pristine slopes. Boating on the tranquil lakes of Muskoka is another favorite pastime of mine, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Exploring hiking trails and immersing myself in the beauty of the surrounding wilderness is a source of joy and rejuvenation for me.

As an animal lover, spending time with my dogs is a cherished part of my routine. They bring endless happiness and companionship into my life, and I consider them an integral part of my family.

Having always worked with people, I've developed excellent skills in communication, negotiation, and customer service. I take pride in my ability to understand the unique needs and desires of each individual I work with. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, I'm dedicated to providing a seamless and satisfying experience, leveraging my expertise in waterfront properties and home renovations.

Over the years, I've built a robust network of trusted contractors and service providers in the Muskoka area. This network enables me to connect my clients with reliable professionals who can assist with any aspect of property ownership, from renovations and repairs to general maintenance.

I'm incredibly confident in my knowledge of Muskoka's real estate market, particularly when it comes to waterfront properties. If you're considering buying or selling a property in this beautiful region, I'm here to offer guidance, support, and a wealth of expertise. I look forward to helping you navigate the exciting world of Muskoka real estate and making your dreams a reality.

I grew up in Toronto and made the move here in 1978 without knowing it I already used real estate as a young person to move forward in investing my money in cottages and homes. As we bought a home with 50 acres and I divided off 10 and sold that to put back into my mortgage. It was my instinct to do that.  I have a daughter that does the exact same with investing in real estate and selling to buy another investment.

Back to me, I spend most of my time outside always have, I love to be on the water either boating or sitting on my dock.  I love to downhill ski and snowboard,  golfing is a passion. In the past I have spent years snowmobiling, riding my motorcycle, cross country skiing, raising kids of course and all that goes with it. 

Travelling now is the new item on my list of activities. Of course we all have to work and hard for our money right!!

I spent years working with clients, guests and the public at a major hotel in our area. Now with my real estate career I am still working with customers that turn into my special clients, many have turned into friends.

I live on the water year round on a small lake here in Huntsville which has an Algonquin atmosphere, as there is a speed limit of 12 km so all our lake friends and neighbors kayak, canoe & have stand up paddle boards. Fishing is big here also summer and ice fishing in winter as our lake freezes over.

I have been lucky enough to have a cottage on Skeleton Lake which is a hidden gem and the fifth largest lake in Muskoka. Years later I sold that because we didn't get evening sun so we bought an island, we were out canoeing, saw a sold sign and bought South Kelly Twin Island. Didn't know anything about island life but just went for it. We owned the whole island bought a pontoon boat and had a fabulous time as we had sun all day long and big open views of the whole lake. Ask me about how to be island happy!!

The secret is you can buy or sell and buy more and sell more as long as you move along to a better lifestyle and less stress each time. There is some stress in a reno but so be it.

I have much more to tell you but I will do that in a different format or blog on my site here. All I am saying I have had many experiences which makes me feel confident to say I can help you also with a dream move of yours!! So you can enjoy the Muskoka lifestyle!!